NEW: Journal for the Study of Antisemitism

NEW: Journal for the Study of Antisemitism

Today the first number of the „Journal for the Study of Antisemitism“ was released!

„The Journal for the Study of Antisemitism (JSA) is a select group of independent scholars who are interested in examining antisemitism in all its forms. This group is not affiliated with any institution or financially dependent on a single source of funding. We have in common an understanding of antisemitism as a social pathology that must be eradicated.“

Some of the most outstanding scholars and activists against antisemitism are among the editorial respective advisory board, including:

Advisory Board Members

Shimon Samuels, Simon Weisenthal Center, Chair
Ayaan Hirsi Ali, AHA Foundation, AEI, Washington DC
Michael Berenbaum, Sigi Ziering Institute, Los Angeles
Israel W. Charny, Encyclopedia of Genocide, Jerusalem
Manfred Gerstenfeld, JCPA, Jerusalem
Sander Gilman, Humanities, Emory University, Atlanta
Benjamin Harrison, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
Berel Lang, Philosophy, Wesleyan University, CT
Walter Laqueur, Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University
John Pawlikowski, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago
Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum, Philadelphia
Dina Porat, Stephen Roth Institute, Tel Aviv
Alvin H. Rosenfeld, University of Illinois
Richard Rubenstein, President Emeritus, University of Bridgeport, CT
Pierre-André Taguieff, NRS (Sciences Po), Paris
Robert Wistrich, SICSA, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Editorial Board Members

Steven K. Baum & Neal E. Rosenberg, Editors
Joanie Eppinga, Copy Editor
Paul Bartrop, History, Bialik College, Melbourne
Clemens  Heni, German Middle Eastern Studies—Radical Islam (Funded MEF), Berlin
Dennis L. Jackson, Statistics, University of Windsor, Canada
Günther Jikeli, Sociology, IIBSA, Berlin
Murray Kohn, Holocaust Studies, Stockton College of New Jersey
Kenneth Lasson, Law, University of Baltimore
Andrei Oisteanu, Ethnologist, Institute History of Religions, Bucharest
Paul Lawrence Rose, Judaic Studies, Pennsylvania State University
Richard Rubenstein, Religion, University of Bridgeport
Milton Shain, History, University of Cape Town
Marcia Sokolowski, Ethics, Baycrest/University of Toronto

Executive Committee

Jeff Diamond, Esq., Chair
Philip Kirschner, Esq.
John G. Nettleton

The first number is completely online available:

Journal for the Study of Antisemitism

My contribution „Antisemitism as a Specific Phenomenon“ is dealing with the Berlin Center for Research on Antisemitism (ZfA), its professors Wolfgang Benz and Werner Bergmann, their wrong equalization of „Islamophobia“ and antisemitism and other aspects of their downplaying of antisemitism:

JSA 1 Clemens Heni

This is a groundbreaking journal, combining scholarship with political analysis in a time of silence, when it comes to criticize antisemitism. Many thanks to founding editor Steven K. Baum, Ph.D., and his enthusiasm to realize this project!

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